When to Call an Employment Lawyer

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If you are an Orlando resident, your employer is bound by laws to provide you with certain rights and protections. When the rights and protects are not met or are violated, you should speak to one of the great employment law attorney Orlando FL professionals. You may have the right to take legal action, but you must understand your rights as an employee to understand when things go wrong.

Common Workplace Legal Issues

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If you work more than 40-hours in one workweek, your employer is required by law to pay you overtime pay, which is currently 1 ½ times your normal hourly rate. If you are not paid overtime wages, you may want to talk to an attorney. This is one of the most common causes of legal issues in the workplace in not only Orlando, but the entire country.

Are you being paid for every hour that you work? It is mandatory that you are paid for all work performed and that no work is performed before you are on the clock to be paid. If your employer asks you to work ‘off the clock’ or if you feel that you are not being paid for all of the hours that you work, you need a consultation with an employment attorney. Unlawful termination is also a reason to consult with an attorney. Additional causes for an employment attorney include:

·    Workplace harassment/Sexual harassment

·    Violence at the workplace

·    Discrimination at the workplace

Attorneys offer no obligation consultations at no cost to people who feel they’ve been wronged at their workplace. It is your chance to speak out and be heard when you’ve been wronged and affected in such a major way. Do not miss out on the chance to get the justice that you deserve when there is an attorney who can walk you through every step of the process.